Creativity Bowl

What is Creativity Bowl? 

Personal  traits,  which  Creativity Bowl helps to develop.

Here is a list of personal traits that Creativity Bowl helps to shape and develop:

  • teamwork skills
  • systemic thinking
  • individual thinking
  • listening and comprehension
  • ability to build  upon  the  ideas offered by other team members
  • brief and capacious formulation of your solutions
  • ability to defend your opinion

Creativity Bowl is a competition  between two or more teams that resembles popular TV game shows “Scholar Bowl?”,”Are you smarter than a fifth grader”, and “Jeopardy”. The significant difference lies in the tasks.

Creativity Bowl offers open (i.e. creative, inventive or research) problems, which may have more than one solution. The contestants have to display the ability to combine a variety of skills and apply them creatively, rather than their erudition (knowledge of facts or events).

In order to generate solution, the contestants may have to display the in-depth knowledge of physics, biology, technology, as well as the knowledge of daily life. It is desirable to offer problems, which may be solved  in a number of different ways. The jury should compose of experts who assess the quality of suggested solutions, adequacy of their substantiation as well as consistency and originality.

Creativity Bowl is an energetic and exciting competition, it is emotions and intelligence “in one vial”, and a great motivator for the quest for knowledge. This type of competition can be used as the basis for extracurricular studies at grade school. No doubt, in a few years the Creativity Bowl contests will be held at all levels of Government structure.

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