A series of Level 1 3-day workshops, “School for Creative Thinker”, was conducted by Mark Barkan and Anatoly Guin in Malaysia in November, 2013. The main content of the workshops – “Open Problems” in educational process: development of creative and critical thinking skills.

The workshops were ordered by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and Intel.

The participants, a total of over 200 people, came from various educational and professional fields: grade school teachers, college professors, industry R&D, college students, and representatives of the Malaysian Ministry of Education. In addition to the citizens of Malaysia, the workshops were attended by the citizens of Hong Gong, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia. A total of 6 workshops were conducted in Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching (Sarawak province on the island of Borneo) and the island of Penang.

The workshops were superbly organized by the Malaysian TRIZ Association “MyTRIZ”. The facilities and associated equipment were of very high level and the food, Malaysia is “Food Heaven”, was excellent and in abundance.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the Ministry of Education wanted to have one more workshop in Kuala Lumpur. We are in discussions on continued activities in 2014.

Ene Workshop

At one of the workshops – Penang

Ene Leaders

Left to right: Dr. Mark Barkan, Mr. Anatoly Guin, Mr. Eng Hoo Tan (MyTRIZ, workshops organizer)

Making a Round Square

Making a “round-square” – one of workshop exercises

Ask Me Please!

Ask me, please!