This year’s Zhongguancun Forum was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, China on September 12 and 13, 2013.

This year’s forum aimed to enhance Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park’s competence in international technological and industrial competitions. High-level government officials, experts, high-tech entrepreneurs, investment company executives, and administrative officers of science parks from home and abroad gave speeches during the meeting.

With the theme of Scientific Innovation and Industrial Revolution, Zhongguancun Forum 2013 focused its discussion on multiple perspectives: new trends and characteristics of global scientific innovation, driving force of scientific innovation for industrial revolution, industrial revolution’s impact on economic models, technologies driving global economy of the next generation, and collaboration between government, enterprises and research institutions on forwarding technological innovations and embracing new industrial revolutions.

Six discussions were held on September 12, concerning topics such as technology and its impact on our life, international technology transfer, cultural and technological creation, financial innovation, U30 entrepreneurs, and ecological enterprises in China and France.

MATRIZ Executive Director Dr. Mark Barkan was invited as a speaker at the Parallel Session: “Technology Changes our Life” on the afternoon of September 12.

“Educating Innovator of the Future” was the topic of Dr. Barkan’s speech.  Dr. Barkan’s message – Innovation is an inexhaustible source of strength for development, means we need to prepare the future generations for great achievements in this area. For that reason, we need to switch the focus of our educational system from accumulation of knowledge to development of creative and critical thinking skills. Nearly 200 participants of the Session met Dr. Barkan’s speech with unanimous approval. Most of them requested a copy of his presentation.

In a subsequent dinner, the leaders of Beijing Association of Science and Technology expressed their desire to engage MATRIZ in a potential series of lectures on TRIZ and TRIZ based education.

The speakers and the hosts at the Annual Zhongguancun Forum September 12, 2013 (Second from left is Dr. Mark G. Barkan)

The speakers and the hosts at the Annual Zhongguancun Forum
September 12, 2013
(Second from left is Dr. Mark G. Barkan)