Home Schooling: Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills

One of the biggest complaints of the school system is that the curriculum is based on standardized tests that only focus on the ability to reproduce information. It doesn’t focus on the ability of actually applying it. This is a major problem, because it doesn’t teach and train the youth of our generation to think for themselves and solve problems creatively. Actually applying knowledge and problem solving skills is what sets leaders apart from worker drones.

The Advantage of Home Schooling Your Children

The mainstream schooling system doesn’t offer much in the way of controlling how or what our children learn. With programs like “No Child Left Behind”, where your children’s learning is halted while other children catch up, tends to stifle the learning process altogether. The mainstream school system generally doesn’t focus on problem solving or applying what you’ve learned. However, with home schooling, you have the ability to control how and what your child learns. You can develop a system that works for them. With a system custom developed for your child, you can maximize their potential and enable them to apply their knowledge and solve problems.


Why Critical Thinking and Problem Solving?

Critical thinking and problem solving skills are essential for any industry. It doesn’t matter what career path your child chooses to pursue, they will have a much higher probability of advancement if they have great problem solving skills. Companies aren’t looking for employees to fill a seat. They are looking for someone to solve problems effectively, creatively, and make things happen. Every company is looking for the next innovator to propel their company forward into the next century.

Creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving are what keeps companies at the head of the pack within their industries. If you aren’t constantly coming up with innovative ideas, from innovative advertising, all the way to innovative products and services, the next company will. If a company isn’t constantly seeking innovation and new ideas, they soon become obsolete and go out of business.

How Do You Develop Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills?

Just like anything else, you have to practice! Problem solving and creative thinking skills don’t develop overnight. They have to be developed over time. Anyone wanting to develop problem solving and critical thinking has to practice with exercises. These exercises enable your child to think openly and come up to creative solutions to everyday problems. There isn’t one particular answer, and there isn’t necessarily a best answer. Some are better than others, but exercises like these give your child the confidence to research, and tackle tough problems and come up with creative solutions to solving them.

That is Where Education For A New Era Comes In

With our system, we will provide you with exercises to develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills within your child. These open ended exercises will get your child thinking outside the box. They will develop the skills necessary to approach tough problems, and develop creative solutions. We essentially mold your children into the innovators of the future.

Through open problems and open ended questions, we develop your child’s ability to apply knowledge and deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion and form ideas. These exercises are carefully developed to stimulate thought and promote problem solving skills. To download a sample of ENE’s open problems, click the link below.

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