Are you tired of your current job? Do you feel like you are constantly running on a treadmill that goes nowhere? Many people feel that way. Your job is fulfilling, and you just can’t seem to advance in your career. you may have a degree in your field, or you may have years of experience. Despite either of those qualities, you are still being constantly passed up for promotions. You seem to be stuck in the lower to mid-range positions, and are experiencing what is known as the glass ceiling effect. So what do you do? How do you advance your career and gain the skills and the confidence to advance within the company you work for?

Develop and Refine Your Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

The answer is simple! Businesses are looking for leaders who approach problems in a different way and come up with new and inventive ways of solving them. They aren’t looking for someone to just fill a position and sit there, doing the same thing everyone else has always done. Big businesses are looking for talented, innovation leaders who can solve industry problems creatively.

Road to Nowhere - Words on Freeway

Why Going Back to School May Not Be The Right Answer

You might be thinking “Why Can’t I just go back to school and get a higher degree?” You could do that if you want, but the problem is that you have to spend thousands of dollars and a couple of years of your life obtaining that degree. On top of that, you’ll be further in debt, and all following along the same path you always have. When was the last time you ever remember a formal education system teaching how to solve problems creatively? They teach academics, but rarely teach the ways that you can apply what you have learned in order to solve problems.

Where can You Develop Problem Solving Skills?

At ENE, our goal is to create an educational system that helps up and coming generations learn how to think, learn, and succeed. With our problem solving exercises, you can develop the skills that you need in order to think, learn, and succeed. Knowledge is great, but if you cannot think for yourself and apply it, then that knowledge won’t take you very far. Sign up for a free membership below to try one of our open problem exercises. Form there, you can sign up to receive a new open problem periodically for just $5 per month.

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